Specialists in Expedition Filmmaking

Sandone Films LLC is a film production company specializing in history and exploration. We strive to take you on cinematic journeys that appeal to your sense of wonder, whether it be a remote and otherworldly place, or back to an ancient and mysterious time.


The Art of Story Telling

We team up with real people who explore remote and fascinating places to tell their stories of search and discovery with passion and an eye for aesthetics. We produce high quality footage in remote and difficult to access places.

Miner exploring

Uncovering History Just Beneath Our Feet

If we are to understand our world of today we must know our past. We go in search of historically important yet forgotten places and tell a story through the clues and artifacts that are uncovered.

Lost Cave of Monroe
Finding an artifact underground

Authentic Historical Recreations

There is something deeply human about wanting to have a connection to the past. A historical recreation is the next best thing to a time machine, transporting the viewer to a time and place long ago.

Higley Copper