Current Projects

Sandone Films takes you right to the edge in immersive filmmaking. Whether in search of history or exploring an otherworldly landscape, our goal is to take the viewer on a journey they will remember. Take a look at some of our recent projects below.

Mines and Mysteries

Go underground and back in time in search of America's oldest mines. Using cutting edge technology, a team of explorers seeks to uncover lost gold, silver, copper and iron mines dating back to colonial times. Follow along as they attempt to unravel an important but forgotten piece of early American history.

Mines and Mysteries 1
Mines and Mysteries 2
Mines and Mysteries 3
Mines and Mysteries 4

Caves and Legends

They are the source of ancient myths and legends, the hideouts of outlaws and smugglers, places of awe and wonder for countless explorers and curiosity seeker. They were created through a perfect combination of raw materials, natural forces and time. They are as beautiful as they are foreboding. They are caves! Now through careful research and investigation, we will seek to reveal their forgotten stories and descend, deep underground, to experience their beauty and mystery first hand. Follow along as we as we go in search of caves and legends.

Caves and Legends 1
Caves and Legends 2
Caves and Legends 3
Caves and Legends 4

Caves & Legends is a non-profit web series. To support our show, we welcome your generous donation.

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