Current Projects

Sandone Films takes you right to the edge in immersive filmmaking. Whether in search of history or exploring an otherworldly landscape, our goal is to take the viewer on a journey they will remember. Take a look at some of our recent projects below.

The Allure of McFails Cave

In the 1850s local professor T.A. McFail discovered a large limestone cave in New York state, a cave that eventually took his life. One a hundred years later cave explorers pushed deep into the cave and proved it to be the longest in the state. Soon after it became the first cave owned by the National Speleological Society. In this film we will explore McFails cave with caver Steve Millett and gain a better understanding of its geology and witness its beauty first hand.

McFails Cave in New York 3
McFails Cave in New York 2
McFails Cave in New York 1
McFails Cave in New York 4

The Lost Cave of Monroe

In the late 1800s a marble cave was discovered in Monroe, Connecticut. As legend has it, the cave contains a room called the “King’s Ballroom”, a space that was said to be large enough to hold 75 people, with stone seats carved into the walls. For a short time the cave served as a tourist destination but proved unprofitable, eventually the entrance was blown up with dynamite. The goal of this project is to rediscover the "King's Ballroom" or put the legend to rest as a hoax.

The Lost Cave of Monroe 1
The Lost Cave of Monroe 4
The Lost Cave of Monroe 2
The Lost Cave of Monroe 3